News Update
Full "Stained" video report - with playlists and station info!

Stained is now playing on:
The Gallery in St. Louis, MO
Power Play Music TV in Newark, NJ
Rhythms on the Rockside in San Diego, CA
Video Jam in Worcester, MA
Video Hits in Rochester, NY
VidDream in Wilmington, DE
Channel Zero in Atlanta, GA
According to our promo company, these are just a few highlights - we'll be getting a full report soon!

"Stained" is being worked to regional and national video shows and channels all over the U.S. and Canada by HIP Video Promotions.

We're happy to announce that the "Stained" video has already been picked up by The Gallery, a show out of St. Louis, MO. Here's the info:

The Gallery
St. Louis, MO

A weekly show featuring interviews, videos, promo shorts and feature stories.
Seen on Charter Communications in St. Louis, Media One in Chicago, and Los Angeles Cable Systems in LA.

12-25-03 & I-30-01
"I Hate My Baby Mamma" - Holla Point
"It Aint Easy" - Ricky Fante'
"Down Here In Hell With You" - Van Hunt
"Right Right Now Now" - Beastie Boys
"Lady" - Lenny Kravitz
"Imagine" - A Perfect Circle
"In Bloom" - Nirvana
"Baby Mamma" - Holla Point
"Balla Baby" - Chingy
"Golden Touch" - Razor Light
"The Love Song" - K-OS
"Slash Dot Dash" - Fatboy Slim
"Issues" - N2U
"Feels So Good" - Guerilla Black
"Stained" - Android Lust
"When She Comes Around" - Myracle Brah